09 March 2015

Mustache Pillow

I've got one friend who I've made several pillows for. I shared this Zipper one before, which I gifted for her Birthday. But, back when I was a new quilter, all of 3 years ago, I was taking a class on hand piecing. I had posted a picture of a block on Facebook, or Instagram, and my friend asked if I could make it into a pillow for her boyfriend, who was participating in Movember. We settled on a price, and thus, my first commission was made.

Mustache Quilt for Zipper
Night pictures. In Vermont. 

I really liked that class. Hand piecing is so precise and relaxing. Not a single point lost! Anyway, I finished the block, added a border, and made an envelope back. All hand sewn. Needless to say, a few seams have busted over the past several years. I decided to spot fix the busted seams and then quilt up the top to give it more structure and stability. 

Mustache Quilt for Zipper

I like spiral quilting. For this one I decided to just stop when I got to the edges, rather than going all the way into the corners. You barely notice they aren't quilted when the pillow form is in anyway. So far, this one is my favorite spiral. I marked the center and it came out quilt well. 

Mustache Quilt for Zipper
Back of pillow.

For the back envelope closure I just folded the backing of the quilt sandwich over to the top and used that to bind the edge. My friend loved the interior lining fabric so much she asked if it was reversible. If only interior seams were as pretty as exterior ones...

Mustache Quilt for Zipper
'stash closeup. 

It was nice getting to revisit this pillow, and I'm happy I could improve it for her. Hopefully she won't need me to fix anything else! 

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  1. So nice of you to update and fix it up for your friend - that means it is getting a lot of use and love which is awesome! :)


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