Round Trip Quilts

Joining The New Quilt Bloggers blog hop was a great experience, allowing me to connect and join with the online quilting and blogging community. A small group us thought it would be fun to get together and form a round robin style quilting bee for North America called Round Trip Quilts.

The way this bee works is that each person makes a starting block and then mails it to the next person on the list.  With each rotation the quilt grows with a new border or section being added each time.  The quilt continues to grow as it is passed around the group and eventually makes a round trip back to the original quilter as a  finished quilt top!

Heather at QA Creations

Border 4 (by Mary) 
Border 5 (by Chelsea)  
Border 6 (by Christina) 
Border 7 (by Kim)  
Heather's Finished Quilt

Liz at Green Cheese Quilting (ME!)

Border 3 (by Mary) 
Border 4 (by Chelsea) 
Border 5 (by Christina)  
Border 6 (by Kim) 
Border 7 (by Heather)  
My Finished Quilt

Jennifer at Never Just Jennifer

Border 4 (by Christina)  
Border 5 (by Kim) 
Border 6 (by Heather)  
Border 7 (by me)  
Jennifer's Finished Quilt

Leanne at Devoted Quilter

Border 4 (by Kim) 
Border 5 (by Heather)  
Border 6 (by me) 
Border 7 (by Jennifer)  
Leanne's Finished Quilt

Mary at See Mary Quilt

Border 3 (by Kim) 
Border 4 (by Heather)  
Border 5 (by me)  
Border 6 (by Jennifer)  
Border 7 (by Leanne)  
Mary's Finished Quilt

Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe

Border 2 (by Kim)
Border 5 (by Jennifer)  
Border 6 (by Leanne) 
Border 7 (by Mary) 
Chelsea's Finished Quilt

Christina at WIPs and Tuts

Border 4 (by Jennifer) 
Border 5 (by Leanne) 
Border 6 (by Mary)
Border 7 (by Chelsea)
Christina's Finished Quilt

Kim at Ties That Bind Quilting

Border 4 (by Leanne) 
Border 5 (by Mary)
Border 6 (by Chelsea) 
Border 7 (by Christina) 
Kim's Finished Quilt

You can also find the group on Flickr or on Instagram using #RoundTripQuilts.

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