20 April 2016

Someone Made My Quilt!

Well, I've finally got proof that I inspired someone! One of my favorite quilts was the Night Music in the Desert.

Desert Music
Quilt top hanging from my old Brooklyn fire escape. 
A few months ago I got an email from someone who had seen the quilt online, and wanted to make it for her granddaughter. I explained that I'd be happy to send my (extremely cryptic) notes along, but that I hadn't made a pattern and wasn't planning to in the near future. She accepted my notes, and using just them and my old blog/flickr pictures put the top together. 

Carolyn's front. 

Carolyn's back. 

I was so flattered to see that she kept my color scheme, but was able to make it her own with the color improv. And look at that back! It's way better than mine! I guess that's what happens when you create extra blocks to play around with! I think she did a fantastic job, considering all I had were sketches of the central block, measurements for the log cabin variations, but no yardage or mention of my sashing methods, or the flying geese! And her quilting is even similar to mine!

It just made my day to get this email and see that someone had done all this work inspired by a quilt I made and love. I like how this quilting community feeds off each other and can create beautiful works inspired by others. 


  1. How awesome! Emails like that can certainly make anyone's day. :) <3

  2. New visitor from Let's Bee Social. Want an amazing quilt you made and what a wonderful version the lady has made. It must be amazing to think that yours inspired hers!

  3. That's wonderful, you must be so thrilled. Maybe you should write it up to sell. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  4. That's the best feeling, isn't it? Enjoy. : )

  5. Hi! I am in the stashbee this year, and I recently found your post about the paper crane paper piecing. Is it ok with you if I use your template? There wasn’t really much to go on from your stashbee post as far as contacting you or getting permissions so I hope you can respond to me. Love your quilts, hope you are well. -Katy


Thanks for taking the time to comment! I usually respond via email, if it's a good question I may respond here so everyone can benefit!