Craft-complishments 2014

Some of these are pre-blogging, but I linked to any that have a post. If you've got any questions feel free to send an email or leave a comment.

Bird Pot holders
Pot holders for craft fair

Night Music in the Desert
Night Music in the Desert

Liberty Trip
Liberty Trip Quilt Front

Broken Umbrella
Broken Umbrellas (hand quilted)

Both sides of both cases
Sunglasses Case, Feather and Improv (front and back of each)

Otis Cushion
Otis Pillow, side one

Feather cushion
Otis Pillow, side 2

Chicken Pillow
Chicken Pillow

Fork Potholder
Fork Potholder

Macaroni penguin pouch
Penguin Pouch

Front of Sampler
First Quilt! Sampler Front

Back of Sampler
First Quilt! Sampler Back

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