28 January 2015

Pack Patch Mini - Finished Top!

I'm moving along with my first quarter goals. So far I've finished piecing together my pack patch mini blocks. This was such a fun project, designed by Chase of 1/4" Mark. Each 12 patch block had a specific theme you needed to follow. Here are some of my favorite blocks.

Pack Patch Mini
Some of my favorite blocks. 

It's funny, because they are my favorites for opposite reasons. The two on the left I love because of the way the bird and eye appear fussy cut, and the two on the right I like because the patterns in the fabric were larger scale, and are now broken down to their basic geometry. The upper left is made up of Charlie Harper birds and some trees, can you believe that!

I pieced the quilt together using some low volume charms I got from a swap through Chelsea of Patch the Giraffe. It made for the perfect scrappy selection, and the charms were also the perfect size for these mini blocks. 

Pack Patch Mini
All the patches!

I chose to place the blocks according to my own aesthetic vision, rather than chronologically based on the assignments from Chase. Up close I was nervous that the 'low volume' sashing was actually too busy, but from further away I think I like it. 

Pack Patch Mini
Blocks in the snow!

Now I just need to decide how to quilt this. I was thinking of hand quilting this in a baptist fan pattern, but now I'm not so sure. Any ideas? I might machine quilt something - just because I want it to be done! The only issue there is I'm limited to straight line quilting, because all I've got is a walking foot. Decisions, decisions!

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25 January 2015

Long Term Project {Feathered Stars}

I want to try and share more process shots. Often times when I just complete one block I feel like that's not enough to share, and then suddenly I haven't blogged for a month. While blogging is not really something I want to force myself to do, I enjoy the process of reviewing what I've made and sharing it with other people who enjoy the craft. So, with that in mind I'd like to share my new long-term project.

One of my favorite designers is Carolyn Friedlander. I love all her collections, and not only do I love them, but I also use them! Some fabrics/designers I love and might even buy up, but then they languish in my stash. I love that I can both be inspired by her collections and actually use them!

Another thing to note: I am kind of stingy. So, I don't usually buy up whole collections, even when I love all the fabrics. I'm trying to work through what I've got - a real 'waste not, want not' kind of attitude. But with the release of Doe I couldn't resist. And then I also tracked down some Botanics. Welcome to the stash guys!

 photo fabricroll_zpspue3vxlv.jpg
Doe FQ bundle and Botanics Jelly Roll. 
 photo fabrics_zpse3bv3vaj.jpg
I love how these collections work so well together. 

Most of the prints from Architextures are kind of hard to find these days. I never had a full bundle, but I've got some scraps that I'll be able to incorporate. Incorporate into what? Well, my mom got me the book 'A Flock of Feathered Stars', a while back, so I'm going to make a feathered star sampler. 

 photo Aflockoffeatheredstars_zps5gg0ueia.jpg
One half of the inspiration.
Very traditional colorways.

I'm going to use the paper pieced patterns from the book to make each of the stars, and then try to have fun with the settings. We'll see how it goes, but I'm looking forward to this long and slow process. I'm not going to set a timeline. I may make a block a week, maybe one a month. I'm anticipating this will take at least a year to finish, and that's fine with me. Sometimes slow sewing is the way to go. 

Round Trip Quilts
Feathered star for my RTQ center piece. 

Here's one I made for a different project. I enjoyed the process, but put the book down. Now I'm looking forward to exploring the stars and see how they and the fabric speak to me.

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22 January 2015

Round Trip Quilts - 3rd Round

 photo christina_in_progress_zps9dcvuvrp.jpg
Working on Christina's RTQ!

The Round Trip Quilts bee is still going strong. We had an extra few weeks because of the holidays, and I still managed to get my package off late (sorry!) I had my part done a while ago, it just took me forever to actually get to the post office. Makes me think of all those 'stamps.com' commercials I hear when I listen to my favorite podcasts.

Anyway, this is what Christina's center looked like when I got it.

 photo ChristinaRecieved_zpsibmhzhid.jpg
Christina's Center

Her theme is all things fall. Her palate is very vintage and earthy, which I fell in love with and ended up using in another project I'll share soon enough. Back to this project...I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I kept thinking about falling leaves, and then how predictable that is. However, in her journal, Christina said she wanted a row of maple leaves, so I figured I'd go with it! I drafted a 10 inch block and figured I'd use them to line the edges. I wanted a larger block to work with the size of the squirrels, although now I'm thinking if I had put all 8 on one side that would have made a stronger composition. If anyone down the line has a chance and/or a hankering to do that, feel free!

 photo christina_done_zps0xdquzvj.jpg
My additions. Fall has arrived...or will arrive? 

I wanted to bring back some of the scrappiness from the center medallion, but maintain the crisp white borders that were incorporated during the apples and squirrels. I ended up using a white on white, as I didn't have enough solid white. You can barely tell, plus when you're close enough to see the difference it's kind of fun (at least that's what I'm going for!)

One of my favorite parts of the quilt were the signature blocks Christina wanted us to make. Little trees with our name and location! I dislike my handwriting on fabric, so I stamped my initials (my name would have been way too long to fit), and my location (which was almost too long!) and added that in with a few of my scraps to be sent along. Good luck Jennifer, and hope the additions are ok, Christina! If you want to see what other people have been up to be sure to check my RTQ tab

 photo christina_sigtree_zpsv9adedpg.jpg
Signature Block!

13 January 2015

Finish Along 2015 - Q1 Goals

Well, some of my projects will be roll-overs from previous quarters. For example, I'm determined to get this sucker quilted!

Completed 'The Birds And the Butterflies' quilt top!
It's cold, I need another quilt!

In addition to that quilt, I've got some other projects, mostly WiPs, that I need to get done.

Finish my Arizona hexies so I can make a glasses case. 

Arizona Hexies. 

Finish up this project that I'm working on for the Fat Quarter Shop. This is part of the back, can't wait to share the whole thing!

Cotton and Steel Quilt 

Complete this Pack Patch Mini Quilt. I had so much fun making the blocks, I really need to see this project through. I think I'm going to hand quilt it with a baptist fan pattern. We'll see.

All 12 pack patch mini blocks.
Pack Patch Mini Blocks (minus 4). 

I've got one new project on the books. I pulled this fabric for a pattern test for Jess who blogs at Elven Garden Quilts. Looking forward to seeing how these play out with her pattern. 

Autumnal fabric pull for a new baby quilt. 

I've got some big life changes coming up, so I'm trying to take care of as many WiPs as possible, to help ease the move. I've been accepted into Teach For America, and will be headed to south Texas. As Brooklyn's been in a cold snap recently I'm most excited about the new climate, but I'm sure I'll change my mind during the 100+ degree summers! Anyway, I'm hoping this keeps me focused during the next few busy and exciting months so I can get some stuff done while I learn more about what I've gotten myself into! Linking up to Finish Along with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

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