13 January 2015

Finish Along 2015 - Q1 Goals

Well, some of my projects will be roll-overs from previous quarters. For example, I'm determined to get this sucker quilted!

Completed 'The Birds And the Butterflies' quilt top!
It's cold, I need another quilt!

In addition to that quilt, I've got some other projects, mostly WiPs, that I need to get done.

Finish my Arizona hexies so I can make a glasses case. 

Arizona Hexies. 

Finish up this project that I'm working on for the Fat Quarter Shop. This is part of the back, can't wait to share the whole thing!

Cotton and Steel Quilt 

Complete this Pack Patch Mini Quilt. I had so much fun making the blocks, I really need to see this project through. I think I'm going to hand quilt it with a baptist fan pattern. We'll see.

All 12 pack patch mini blocks.
Pack Patch Mini Blocks (minus 4). 

I've got one new project on the books. I pulled this fabric for a pattern test for Jess who blogs at Elven Garden Quilts. Looking forward to seeing how these play out with her pattern. 

Autumnal fabric pull for a new baby quilt. 

I've got some big life changes coming up, so I'm trying to take care of as many WiPs as possible, to help ease the move. I've been accepted into Teach For America, and will be headed to south Texas. As Brooklyn's been in a cold snap recently I'm most excited about the new climate, but I'm sure I'll change my mind during the 100+ degree summers! Anyway, I'm hoping this keeps me focused during the next few busy and exciting months so I can get some stuff done while I learn more about what I've gotten myself into! Linking up to Finish Along with Adrianne from On the Windy Side.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Boy that's a good looking list! :D And the trick to 100+summers is water. Even when you're not thirsty, keep drinking water. Good luck with the move!!!!!

  2. Texas is insanely hot, but winters are way better than NY. I enjoy the irony that you are moving to TX for teach for America and my sister in law lives in Brooklyn and did teach for America there. Good luck with getting ready for the move!

  3. Oh wow - good luck on the move. I used to live in Austin and I loved it. I hope that the transition is smooth for you. And good luck with these WiPs - lots of fun things in store for me to get excited about in the upcoming months. Secret projects are always such a tease... :)

  4. Congrats on your acceptance. Just how does this work? It all sounds pretty exciting tho!

  5. Congratulations! Look forward to heading about your move. Love your projects - can't wait to see your secret project when its done!

  6. Good luck on your exciting new venture. I love all your projects. You use such interesting fabric choices.


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