26 December 2014

Quilty Goals for 2015

Hope you had a great holiday season! As the end of the year is fast approaching, and I recently read a post by Quilting Jetgirl that outlined her quilting goals for 2015, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I tend to be more accountable when I write down my goals, anyway.

1. Join a quilt guild. I feel as though I've made some bloggy friends, but I'd like to get to know some people who sew in real life!

2. Enter a quilt in a competition. I like sharing my work, and I feel like it would be fun to enter a competition for the experience. I've never really done juried work, and I'd like to learn more about it.

Broken Umbrella
Broken Umbrellas quilt. If it wasn't so small I would have tried entering it somewhere!

3. Make a quilt pattern. The majority of the quilts I make are inspired by older designs, but are all unique to me. I think it would be fun to make up a pattern for distribution (even if it's only on Craftsy), so that this hobby could start supporting itself.

4. Submit a pattern for a magazine. Like the previous goal, although this one would probably hit a wider audience.

5. Play around more. After all those serious goals, I thought I needed to lighten up! I love the creative process, but have recently been sucked into a few obligations, and/or don't have time to sew for myself. I want the chance to just look at a bundle of fabric and sew whatever it's telling me it should be sewn into!

Round Trip Quilts
Part of my RTQ center. 

6. Work on my photography. I love taking pictures and editing the quilty stuff I make almost as much as I like sewing. I think I'd like to improve that skill set though, because many times I just get an OK picture when I could have gotten a great one!

7. Segregate my work from the animals. That is a weird goal, but as my dog is digging through my quilt pile to create a nest I feel as though I should treat my work with a little more respect. I want them to be used and loved, but maybe not shredded. Plus, I always feel bad when I send a bee item or a gift and it's covered in cat hair - after I've lint rolled it for 10 minutes!

8. Sew every day. Right now I only sew a couple times a week, but in marathon sessions. I think if I broke it up more I would enjoy the process a bit more. My old clunker is so loud, sometimes I get a headache after a day of sewing.

Completed 'The Birds And the Butterflies' quilt top!
The last project that was for me.
It's been basted and waiting for months!

9. New machine! I hesitate to buy a new machine when my old one is decent, but I think I've finally progressed to the point where I can justify a new machine. It would help me with my piecing accuracy, and I'd be able to start learning to free motion quilt.

10. Learn how to serge. My mom gave me her old serger, now I need to sit down and take advantage of it. I'd have the best finished seams in town! Plus, my new obsession with sewing knits would become much easier. 


  1. Good luck with all your goals. I like the sound of the one about the animals. My dog doesn't pay attention to my fabrics on the floor, so I'm safe from shredding, but not shedding!

  2. I think that keeping my projects segregated from my cat has been a really worthwhile challenge. It is amazing how quickly he can destroy fabric sometimes... I really look forward to watching you work on these goals in 2015; especially making your own patterns. :) Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. that's a great set of goals -- good luck with them

  4. Your goals look good!

    My mother-in-law gave me a serger a few months ago and I procrastinated until today to learn how to use it. I was all hung up on how people said it's difficult to thread. Really, just sit down and learn it. It's not that difficult and once you know it you won't forget. If you do, that's what the manual's for! :)

    Segregating from the fur babies is harder. They give you big eyes and cry at the door! My kitties aren't allowed on the sewing desk and projects are in boxes so they can't get to 'em. Still, I can't bring myself to kick 'em out of the room.

    Good luck!

  5. Totally agree with number 5. I could add that to my list as well. Your list has some great goals - good luck in 2015!

  6. Great list. I'm wishing you the best and hoping you have fun picking out a new machine. The machine can make a huge difference.

  7. I love # 5 - one of mine too, it is so important to play more! I joined a local guild a few months ago, and it's a lot of fun. it's so nice to have some real life sewing friends :)

  8. Great goals, Liz! I started writing my own patterns at the end of 2013 and I have to say it's a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing how you do with all your goals this year.

  9. I need a new machine too. It's such a big choice isn't it? And to make it worse, I love my machine but it's motherboard has been replaced twice and I think it might not live forever, shhhhh, never said that...
    LeeAnna at Not afraid of color

  10. Great goal list. A serger is easy ONCE you know how to thread it! It took me forever to master that.


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