17 December 2014

Hexie Heaven

I'm at AGU - that's the American Geophysical Union's annual conference - and I knew I'd need a project to keep me busy during down time. Solution: the travelling hexies.

English Paper Pieced Hexagons
Hexagons! and cat hair...

I got one panel completed a couple months ago, and now I've got enough for the second panel. Guess I should get to work on connecting them.

 photo 362de36b-fee2-43c9-81dd-e634ebf2dd5f_zps7d3f35cc.jpg
The completed panel. 

I'm using Arizona fabric by April Rhodes. The hexies are 3/4 inch, so they're pretty tiny. I like seeing the geometric qualities of the print broken down in these smaller shapes.

The conference is in San Francisco, so I also got to do a little shopping!

 photo IMG_2805_zpsb0f4b63c.jpg
Britex Fabrics! A San Francisco institution!

Not many quilting cottons, but it sure is fun to browse all the fabrics and notions. They even had the cotton tape that I ran out of!

I'm curious: what kind of do you bring when you travel? Or do you just enjoy the trip?

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  1. They look great!I love epp for traveling! My hexie quilt went to Florida with us and I'm prepping some diamonds to take when we leave on Friday.

  2. I'm lucky that we travel in a trailer, so I have room to bring a sewing machine and projects along. Currently working on a piecing jean rag quilt and another one. Have to finish the hand work on my Christmas ornaments too.

  3. I tend to enjoy the trip and not take projects with me... unless I am going to a sewing / quilting retreat! Then all bets are off. It's been a while, but I used to take cross stitching with me. How is/was your time in the bay area? We've had a lot of rain out here (yay!), but it might have made things interesting for you.

  4. I took my hexagon project with me the last few times I traveled, but now that I'm finished with it, I will need to find another sewing or embroidery project to carry along.

  5. Lovely! I like the look of the geometric shapes.

  6. I've been taking my hexie project with me on trips this fall, but have done very little work on it while away. I do hope to make some project on it soon though! Hopefully over the holidays I'll have some more quiet time. I love the geometric prints in the little hexies, they do stand out!


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