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I'm sure you're curious as to who is Green Cheese? Well, I grew up on a farm in Massachusetts, went to high school in Providence, Rhode Island. Eventually I went to college in Saratoga Springs, NY and later moved to New York City. I've been here for just under 10 years, with a brief hiatus to get a master's degree from the University of South Carolina. I live with two cats, a dog, and a boyfriend in Brooklyn, NY. I'm studying Environmental Science and am really into education and a lot of the bureaucracy and politics behind that.

Daegan 'helping'. 
Dino and the Quilt
Dino 'modeling' the mini quilt. 

Wait...isn't this my quilting blog?

So, I started quilting a couple years ago. Now I can't stop. The End.

You want more? Well, I admire all styles of quilting, but tend to be drawn most frequently to bold, bright, modern designs and muted, low volume designs. I guess I'm very polar like that. For designers I tend to go more towards the fabrics, but for collections I love both Architextures and Botanics by Carolyn Freidlander, Hand Drawn Garden by Anna Marie Horner, and Arizona by April Rhodes. That should give you some idea of my aesthetic, but I hope it doesn't limit your opinion of me too much.

I love generating my own patterns, although they aren't always original. Often times I'll just tweak something I see on Flickr or a blog or Pinterest. If ever you want to contact me about any of my designs or for commissioned work don't hesitate to email me. The contact is in my sidebar (on the right).

Go away bear!
p.s. my picture's in the sidebar. You can see me anytime, so I added pictures of all my 'roommates'!

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