22 January 2015

Round Trip Quilts - 3rd Round

 photo christina_in_progress_zps9dcvuvrp.jpg
Working on Christina's RTQ!

The Round Trip Quilts bee is still going strong. We had an extra few weeks because of the holidays, and I still managed to get my package off late (sorry!) I had my part done a while ago, it just took me forever to actually get to the post office. Makes me think of all those 'stamps.com' commercials I hear when I listen to my favorite podcasts.

Anyway, this is what Christina's center looked like when I got it.

 photo ChristinaRecieved_zpsibmhzhid.jpg
Christina's Center

Her theme is all things fall. Her palate is very vintage and earthy, which I fell in love with and ended up using in another project I'll share soon enough. Back to this project...I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I kept thinking about falling leaves, and then how predictable that is. However, in her journal, Christina said she wanted a row of maple leaves, so I figured I'd go with it! I drafted a 10 inch block and figured I'd use them to line the edges. I wanted a larger block to work with the size of the squirrels, although now I'm thinking if I had put all 8 on one side that would have made a stronger composition. If anyone down the line has a chance and/or a hankering to do that, feel free!

 photo christina_done_zps0xdquzvj.jpg
My additions. Fall has arrived...or will arrive? 

I wanted to bring back some of the scrappiness from the center medallion, but maintain the crisp white borders that were incorporated during the apples and squirrels. I ended up using a white on white, as I didn't have enough solid white. You can barely tell, plus when you're close enough to see the difference it's kind of fun (at least that's what I'm going for!)

One of my favorite parts of the quilt were the signature blocks Christina wanted us to make. Little trees with our name and location! I dislike my handwriting on fabric, so I stamped my initials (my name would have been way too long to fit), and my location (which was almost too long!) and added that in with a few of my scraps to be sent along. Good luck Jennifer, and hope the additions are ok, Christina! If you want to see what other people have been up to be sure to check my RTQ tab

 photo christina_sigtree_zpsv9adedpg.jpg
Signature Block!


  1. So smart to use a stamp! I feel like I mess up my handwriting or have a poor pen choice every time I write on fabric. I like the leaves... I think the expansion in size from the middle outward is working well. Looks good!

  2. I really like your maple leaf additions, Liz! I think the idea of creating blocks to match the size of the squirrels works really well for the quilt top. And your stamped signature block is really cute (I love that the ink matches the tree!). :)

  3. It looks great! I think the leaves could look great either way. I guess it depends on what you and Christina think!

  4. I always try to hand write but it never looks as neat as I would like - really like the idea of the tree as a signature block. the Maple leaves are so autumnal they are perfect for it, they go really well with the squirrels!

  5. A stamp for labels - I had never thought of that! I like the idea.
    The maple leaves are great and I think mixing whites is often the best way to go with group projects. You can never get them all the same, so it is best to embrace the differences and add variety in tone-on-tone and plain whites.

  6. This one is awesome too! I love how you used stamps to make the signature block. Great idea.

  7. Great addition, Liz! This is such a fun quilt idea. I can't wait to get my turn after Jennifer.


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