24 January 2016

Sunday Stash

I miss living near quilting shops! I was so lucky back in Brooklyn. I had a store with a wide range of fabrics (especially solids) within walking distance of my apartment. And if I didn't like what they had, I had multiple stores in Manhattan just a short subway ride away. Alas, now I don't even have good quality fabric within reasonable driving distance! It makes finishing a quilt take that much longer, though maybe it helps me find the 'perfect' backing, rather than the 'that's fine for now' backing . . . there's always a silver lining!

Now that I've been practicing my FMQ I want to try it on a quilt (gasp)! I got all ready to go, looked through my stash, and realized I had used up all my large cuts of fabric! So, to the internet I went. I was sidetracked looking for a good deal on Carolyn Friedlander's Carkai, and ended up at Jones & Vandermeer, which had the fat quarter bundle for $75, with free US shipping on purchases over $60. Sold!

Sunday Stash
Love their simple packaging! Plus, blurry background animals. 

I got the FQ bundle and some backing fabrics. For a quilt top I finished last year I got some Carolyn Friedlander Doe 'Weave' in Yarrow and some Lotta Jansdower Lucky 'Kamala' in True Green. I am in love with the Kamala print! It's so vibrant!

Sunday Stash
Taking pictures at night doesn't do the fabric justice...

I also bought some fabrics to round out the backing on a quilt top I recently finished. They are all from Arcadia by Sarah Watson. I got Mushroom March in Aqua, Dewey Garden, and Wheely Daisy in Aqua.

Sunday Stash
Mushroom Magic, Wheely Daisy, Dewey Garden. 

They're all going to be paired with that Liberty print in the background. Can't wait to get to this one!

I also want to point out that though Jones & Vandermeer don't have a physical store you can visit, they are based out of New York City! So, it's like I'm visiting my old hunting grounds. Also, this is the first time I've shopped with them, and I just want to add that their prices are some of the best I've found, and they had a great selection. I wasted took a lot of time browsing around. In case it sounds like I'm being sponsored, I'm not. I've got no affiliation with them, besides my current obsession with them. 

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  1. ohh such pretty fabrics. I have a couple of quilt shops close to me, but I still buy most of my fabric on-line. So I will be checking out the store you listed. I'm always looking for some good deals.

  2. Hi Liz! Your new fabrics are really beautiful! Arcadia has been long time on my wish list. Lotta's fabrics are also beautiful! Funny that 'kamala' means terrible in Finnish. x Teje

  3. How fun to find a new fabric store... and realize it is back in New York. I'll have to go check them out.


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