04 July 2014

Pillow for Sissy Pants

I finally finished up the pillow for my sister! I like how it came together because I can see all the details I put into it for her. I'll probably include a long note so that she can see them too.

Pillow for the Sister
Crested Butte paper pieced pattern by me!

My goal with this side was to capture my sister's favorite season in Crested Butte. I've got the iconic mountain with a print reminiscent of a winter's day, a beautiful, bluebird, winter's day. It's hard to see here, but I quilted wavy lines down the mountain like ski paths. The border print on this side is from the Ride by Julia Rothman collection, and I chose that because of all the time she spends riding her townie (a townie is a bike you ride around town).

Pillow for the Sister
Liberty in Colorado side of the pillow. 

The second side of the pillow is composed of four Colorado blocks. I used left over scraps from my Liberty Trip quilt to represent Crested Butte's status as the wildflower capital of Colorado and some Architextures topograph fabric to represent the Rockies. I quilted it with straight lines radiating from opposite corners. I learned about it in Jacquie Gering's Craftsy class: Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot (a fantastic class, I highly recommend it!) I only wish I had done the lines from all four corners to create more of a cross hatch look.

Pillow for the Sister
Close up of quilting. Also, the itty bitty border of Monaluna birch trees.
Reminds me of the Aspens in Colorado. 

I even made her a custom label:

Pillow for the Sister
I'm Skizz, she's Sissy Pants. She likes wine
(and I see it bled a little, we'll say that represents
all the wine she'll inevitably spill on the pillow.)

So, a successful finish, and onto the next project! Here's one last look at both sides: 

Pillow for the Sister
Pillow front and front. I'm not even going to pretend one side is the back. 

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  1. Beautiful pillow. She's one lucky "Sissy Pants!"
    In the final pictures, you can see the ski run quilting much more. Great idea.

  2. I love how this turned out. So many fun details and great thought went into this for your sister. :)

  3. Nice finish :) Your sissy pants is going to love this especially with its custom tag. Nice touch!

  4. Oh, I love 2in1. This turned out fab! Well done.

  5. I like, I like, I like!!!! Now I want to make one!!!!!!


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