22 July 2014

Summer Slow Down!

Well, it's about time for Summer VACATION! I'm working hard to finish up a few school related things, and a few quilt related things. Last week I posted about my log cabin love affair, now you can see how the blocks are going to be used! I'm still tweaking the layout a bit, and I'm loving the bold colors. They're all Kona solids. I think.

Next layout: Graphic Southwest
Nearly final layout. Some more strips,
and a narrow border will complete it. 
My goal is to at least finish the flimsy before I leave, keeping in mind my other commitments and that we're leaving for Honduras for 10 days next Tuesday. Plus I have a finish to share as well, and one other project I want to make before I leave!

I thought I said this was the summer slow down...guess that starts with vacation!

Any suggestions for the name would be appreciated as well. I've been working with Graphic Southwest and Pixelated Southwest, neither of which really roll off the tongue. 


  1. How about "Santa Fe Star" as a quilt name? If you google that and look at the images, I think that might be kind of what the central block pattern is called. Plus, those are very Santa Fe colors!

  2. I'm terrible at naming quilts so you probably don't want to go with this but Nightime in the Desert is what popped into my head!

  3. I find it difficult to propose a name because English is not my native language but your quilt is coming out so beautiful it surely needs a poetic name, congrats!

  4. How about "Aztec Beats" - I stand by my theory that the quilt is making sounds :)

  5. Oh I this is coming along nicely! No idea for the name ... major brain block.

  6. No idea about a name, but it's looking great! That blue is awesome


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