07 November 2014

Earthy Cabin Pillows

As you may have picked up on, I've got a thing for log cabin blocks.

Panels that will become cushions
Improv earthy cabins. 

I had picked up this fabric (below) a while ago at Britex in San Francisco. While it was totally impractical, I saw it and knew I needed some. I think my mom actually got it for me as a souvenir (my favorite kind of souvenir). I didn't note down what it was at the time, and all the selvage says is 'Foxy', so I still have no idea who made it.

foxy cushion background
Looking 'Foxy'. And somewhat cyclopes/zombie-like. 

I brought it home and it languished. I had several other projects to finish up, so that was my excuse. Then I just didn't know what I wanted to put on the other side! I knew I wanted this fabric to make up one side of each of 2 couch cushions, I just wasn't sure what would go with it! One day it hit me: neutral log cabins! Probably not the lightning bolt you were expecting. Or maybe you were, based on the title of this post, and that first picture (spoiler alert - too late?). While I was choosing fabrics for the seaside baby quilt I saw a bunch of chambray fabrics, which really fit the texture and color scheme of the Foxy fabric. I was initially going to go brighter, to match the stomachs of the foxes, but in the end I chose a more muted color scheme.

Panels that will become cushions
Two completed panels.
When I see them next to each other it makes
me want to buy some oakshots and make
a huge improv log cabin quilt. 

I cut strips that were 1", 1.25", and 1.5" wide by WOF and 32 smaller squares for the center ranging from 1.5" square to 3" square and many variations between the two. I just kept the four colors in the same order and alternated strip width as I felt while building them up to 5.25" square. Now each panel measures 19" square (or thereabouts), which will be a nice fit for the 20" square pillow forms I've got waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And they'll wait some more because I finally decided how I'm going to quilt them, and it's by hand. So, hopefully I'll have new cushions by the new year. I'm going on vacation next week, and I think all I'll bring is these panels to quilt - although I don't know that I'll actually get to them what with all my r&r... 


  1. Really like these - not a big brown user but love it with your colours and it looks really earthy and woody! Great backing fabric!

  2. Yay for log cabin blocks. Enjoy your vacation, and I look forward to seeing how these finish out.


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