20 November 2014

What happened to Thanksgiving?

My favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. My family gets together from around the globe, we eat a lot, drink some drinks, do some kind of physical activity (everything from ultimate frisbee to volleyball to skeet shooting), eat pie, and then have breakfast for dinner. I'm kind of bummed out because I just saw a christmas commercial. And it's the week before Thanksgiving! Sigh. If it's not commercial, I guess we just don't care as much, especially considering any Thanksgiving chatter I do hear is for Black Friday deals.

Makers Market WiPs
Quilting on a pineapple pillow. 

My family stopped celebrating Christmas several years ago. Now we just go skiing (or at least to my parent's house in Vermont) and hang out - no presents at all! This year, however, I'm really banking on the commercial aspects of the holiday. My restaurant bosses have a warehouse space where they are hosting a holiday Makers Market, and I'm going to take a table. I'm selling out to raise funds for a new sewing machine. I'll be selling my wares along with other artisans from the neighborhood and beyond. It's exciting, but going to be a lot of work, especially considering the amount of other I've got at the end of the semester anyway.

Makers Market WiPs
Glasses cases. Pre-quilting. 

My goals are to make:
  • 5 pillow covers (1 quilted but not put together)
  • 6 glasses cases (2 created, just need the clasp added)
  • 12 potholders (4 pieced)
  • 4 large boxy pouches 
  • 4 small boxy pouches

Makers Market WiPs
Pineapple pillow cover. 

I made this pillow cover front in conjunction with a bee block, via the Crazy Mom Quilts no paper piecing method. All I need is some muslin to line the pillow and I can finish it off. I've got ideas for a bunch of pot holders, kitties, birdies, and MEOW. It's going to be meow-gical!

Makers Market WiPs
Four kitty pot holders. Already know what I want to piece for the others. 

So, although I feel like I'm cheating on my favorite holiday by starting Christmas preparations, it's been an interesting process. That is only going to get more hectic as the date gets closer. I am making things that will be easy to give away, so if nothing sells I'll gift it for the holiday. That will be extra special, since I haven't given out presents in years!


  1. Christmas is our big holiday with 2 days off and I'm taking a few days holidays too! So looking forward to it! Love the cats - you are going to be busy and I hope you have fun too and enjoy the experience!

  2. Cat potholders will be adorable! I would completely buy those. :) I'm on both sides of the Christmas before Thanksgiving fence. Retailers push for it earlier and earlier because they need/want to make money, but I like to enjoy Thanksgiving too. If it helps at all, Thanksgiving in 2012 was the 22.... so they're not too early? :D Also, I'm totally fine with Peppermint everything being out now. MMMMmmm. :D

  3. Thanksgiving and Halloween have been my favorite holidays for years. I keep hoping my family can evolve to no-gift giving Christmases, but not yet... Good luck getting ready for the Maker's Market, and I hope you raise some good funds for your awesome cause!

  4. Oh good luck! I'm yet undecided which camp to enter :) I do love Christmas but it is so busy to make it happend :)

  5. Good luck!!! I love Christmas, but I love Thanksgiving more, because it is normally more relaxed, we eat and play games and just enjoy each other. Christmas always seems more hectic.

  6. Loving your awesome fussy cutting on your glasses cases!


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