19 August 2015

Morning Star

In addition to the bitty blocks, I'm jumping back into my feathered star project. It's my slow sewing project, although it feels like most of what I'm working on is slow sewing. I've actually got two rather tight deadlines I need to work on, but with all this learning to be a teacher skill building I don't have as much time to sew as I thought. It is nice when I can sneak a few minutes in here and there.

Slow Sewing Project: Morning Star
View from my machine. And a finished Star, of course!

So far, this is the third start I've completed. This one is called the Morning Star, and I've been enjoying playing with the color placements. Maybe for the next block I'll do a dark background and a lighter star.

Slow Sewing Project: Morning Star
Some details. Not as precise as I'd like, but not too shabby. 

Because these blocks are pretty difficult to get precise with using the freezer paper method (it's better for larger sections, I think), and being my first paper piecing in months, I can live with the imperfections in this block. Plus, I kind of like how it gets a little character. 

Slow Sewing Project: Morning Star
In all it's glory! Or at least as much as I can capture with an iPod. 

Still thinking about what kind of camera to get, so my pictures are fairly low tech. I did get myself a new toy to ease me into South Texas life: a brand new sewing machine!

New Juki TL 2010 Q

I'm so excited and wish I had more time to sew! My old machine was a workhorse, in fact in the 40ish years it's been in the family it's never been serviced, and it's never shown signs of needing to. The biggest complaint was a foot pedal that was starting to stick, and some other general wear and tear items. I'm super excited to get to know this machine. So far, so good. Super smooth sewing, and I love how easy it is when there's an automatic thread trimmer! So fancy!

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  1. New machines are the best! I hope you'll love it for a really long time :)

  2. Wow, congratulations on the new sewing machine and I hope you have many, many enjoyable years together. I am a sucker for stars, and I like how the block turned out. Color placement is all part of the fun, right?

  3. Very exciting - congrats on the new machine! Looking forward to your makes with it!

  4. Congrats on the new machine!!

  5. great fabric choices for your block, love that saw tooth edge, just perfect. One of my sewing machines is the same Juki you've got, the best piece of advice I was given was to use the compensating foot for 1/4" piecing, not so good if you have fabric going under both sides of the foot but it's just the greatest when it comes to chain piecing and long 1/4" 2 layer seams. Enjoy sewing - Chris :D


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