12 August 2015

WiP Wednesday: Bitty Blocks are Back

So, as part of my commitment to blogging once a week, I figure I'll try and link up with WiP Wednesday or Finish it up Friday, depending of course on how productive I've been.

This week I started catching up on my bitty blocks. I made the houses from several months ago. Though not my favorite of the bitty blocks, I worked through them all. These are my favorites:

Bitty blocks houses. Catching up!
My favorite houses!
The bitty blocks are a fun project, and definitely got me motivated to sew again. I've got a few surprises coming up that I can't wait to share. For now though, here's a few more houses. They will finish at 3" square, and I made 16 of them. I left most of my scraps back in Massachusetts, so now I'm using my 'less loved' fabrics. I am a little apprehensive that I won't love the quilt in the end, but I have faith in the magic of scrap quilting. Also, I've got some ideas about alternative layouts, so I don't think I'll use the row method that Quiltmaker's Magazine suggests. 

Bitty blocks houses. Catching up!
Pile o' houses!

Bitty blocks houses. Catching up!
Love these fabrics!

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  1. Wow, if this is your second-string in scraps, I would love to see first-string! I love your little houses. They are so cute! And I love the way you use your fabríc. It gives the houses a really fun, scrappy look. I have never heard of bitty blocks before but I can see where they get their name, of course. Those are some small blocks. I'm not sure I would have the patience for making a quilt from such small blocks. It's too bad that WIP Wednesday isn't running today. It sure is good watching you get your sewjo back :). I can tell I am going to love your style!

  2. aw I think they are really cute - will look lovely all in a row!


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