19 June 2014

How To Qwilt

I was recently visiting my parents and I happened upon a stack of my old school work. Most of it was art projects or stuff from elementary school, because that's when it's still cute enough to save, not boring like a term paper or something. Turns out, I liked quilts and tutorials way back when I was around 7 years old!

The following is my first tutorial on how to quilt. This is how I thought things worked. Keep in mind I never saw anyone quilting in my family (although my grandmother was a quilter for a time before I was born). As for the spelling, I was young, and my school believed in 'sounding things out' and telling the story rather than focusing on proper spelling and whatnot. The rest would come (and you'll have to trust that I can spell most things without spell check!). I probably typed this book up myself on a typewriter (pre computer days).  I also made all the illustrations.

I've combined images of the book with some potholders I made for my mom, and captioned them all with the original text and spelling.

How to Qwilt 
How to qwilt ritten and illastrted by Elizabeth grenn chesebrough.
frst you/put two/three scwars together (picshor on left)

then you make a nother two/three and sew them together (picsher on left.) like this...

then you tuck in the side you did not sew and then yousew after y-ou pin it down.

you put to gether some more scwars then it is time to stif it o.k.? but frst you put a back on it o.k.? (picshor on left) then you turn it inside out and put the pading on top and turn it riht wayout (picshor on riht)

Fun trip down memory lane, right? I actually had no recollection of this book existing until I found it in my old room. So, as far as I'm concerned I actually only got into quilting a couple years ago, despite this contrary evidence! Can you remember when you first got into quilting?


  1. Goodness that is awesome! Well done and I love the fork pot holder! :)

  2. That made me smile - took me a second to figure out squares! Love it!

  3. So fun! We sound out words in our house too, so deciphering can be entertaining sometimes. Interesting construction method you described in your first tutorial...I don't think I'll give it a try! I first got into quilting the summer between my first and second years of university when I saw a quilting magazine in a store and decided I wanted to give it a try. I didn't start right away, but I did mention it to my mother who bought me a quilting magazine for in my Christmas stocking and taught me enough to get me going.


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