17 June 2014

Saturated Cheddar

Time for my weekly Pack Patch Mini QAL update! This week Chase was inspired by an issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine and used some traditional/vintage quilts as inspiration.

The first prompt was to use cheddar quilts (a pinterest board I found with good examples) to inspire the patch. I think these colors aren't as popular any more (my stash loves yellow, but is a little skimpy on the orange), and I ended up using some vintage scraps I had rescued from my mom's stash. I paired it with some binding scraps in Carrie Bloomston's Collage (paper alphabet)  to modernize it a bit.

Modern Cheddar Block

The second block was inspired by two-color quilts. The goal was to use two saturated colors as the focus of the block. It looks like I was still feeling the cheddar love (hello, 'cheese' is in my blog name!), so I used some of the AMH Hand Drawn Garden social climber in gold and paired it with the Joel Dewberry True Colors woodgrain in teal. I was emphasizing the gold/teal colors, although some of the bright, saturated roses came through too.

Two Color Block
Saturated Two-Color Block

I've been wanting to make a two-color quilt for a while, maybe some kind of sampler like Dear Jane or Farmers Wife, using a two-color scheme. Initially I was thinking black/white, but now I'm thinking something bright. How about you, ever thought of making a two-color quilt, or does that stifle the creative genius inside too much? 


  1. I've done a few 2 color quilts. But not in saturated colors - I tend to use Kona White or Kona Snow with a color. I think it really can be beautiful!

  2. I made a black and white quilt for my son, but every fabric had a print in it to provide interest. I love the blue and yellow one above.


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