08 June 2014

Who's Cooler, City Mouse or Country Mouse?

After a brief hiatus the Pack Patch Mini QAL is back. This week the themes were city mouse or country mouse, with further prompts asking you too choose cool or warm colors for each. In my mind, both are cool colors, but for different reasons.

Cities are cool colors because they're kind of impersonal/grimy/industrial. Don't get me wrong, I'm living in Brooklyn, NY, and have lived in various boroughs within New York City for the last 9 years. I've gained a grudging respect for the city, and am still dazzled by it at times, but I think it's getting to be time we part ways.

City Mouse
I used a grey with some cool colorful tree outlines, and a fragment of a Charlie Harper (Upside Downside) print. 

I grew up on a farm in Massachusetts, so kind of an island of 'country' in the suburbs. We had a bunch of land and lots of woods, animals, some gardens, lots of space to play around. When I think about the farm, I think about fresh air and green spaces with blue skies. So, another cool color scheme.

Country Mouse
Two Liberty of London prints left over from a quilt I just finished. 

So, I guess the answer is they are equally cool!

Any one else have an opinion on being a city or country mouse? 


  1. To me a city mouse would be warm colors because a city is warmer (all the hot pavement, harsh concrete, and reflected light in the summer) and because cities make me think of a lot of brick (for some reason) which is a nice earthy warm color. I love the fabric in your city mouse block that looks like bridge cables or guy wires on top of buildings. Fun!

  2. I am a city mouse by nature, and I think of it as cool colors, blues, greys, purples. But I love being in the country, and I think of it as warm colors, reds, oranges, yellows, and greens. I love both of your blocks.

  3. I think of city as cooler, for many of the reasons you mention- but also as having surprise pops of colors where you least expect to stumble on them...


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