28 April 2014

Birthdate crisis!

This weeks prompt for the Pack Patch Mini QAL by 1/4 inch mark was 'I was born in ____' and 'I wish I was born in____'.

Well, I was born in 1982. Eons ago, if you ask me, but I may be a spring chicken compared to some of you. When I thought of the 80s, I thought: Neon, Spirograph, Velcro sneakers, Walkman, Meatloaf...stuff like that. I remembered some fabric that had a bunch of neon accents (it actually has a french vibe though, there's a repeating man on a bike with a beret and a baguette...somehow it all works), and a graphic pop art black and white fabric I had. I know pop art had it's heyday in the 60s, but I think there was a decent resurgence in the 80s, especially with all the video effects that were being used in music videos.

I was born in 1982...
I was born in 1982...not the 1960s!
When it's all put together I think it gets a kind of 60s vibe...I think the pop art print overwhelmed it. I can live with it though...I'll blame it on my parents using The Beatles, The Rollingstones, and Peter, Paul, and Mary as our childhood soundtrack instead of something more age appropriate. It's given me a birthdate crisis!

I decided I wished I was born in the 1930s. But you know what? I just like how the 30s are romanticized in books and movies. Except the more I think about it, they aren't really. There was the depression, the dust bowl, prohibition. There goes money, food, and drinks! I mean, if I could somehow avoid the repercussions of the depression, yet still have a fun, bawdy, entertainment filled life, I'd have loved the 30s. Fashion, art, entertainment - all beautiful.

I wish I was born in the 1930s...circus fabric from the Shelburn Museum, and art nouveau fabric from the Liberty Stile collection. For more info read my blog entry:
I wish I was born in the 1930s. 
I used a circus print fabric I got at the Shelburn Museum, to depict one of the popular subcultures of the time, and a Liberty Print from the Stile collection to depict for an art nouveau vibe, a popular art genre of the time (and one of my favorite art genres of all time! Even influences one of my tattoos). 

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