16 April 2014

Liberty Trip - WiP Wednesday

The first fabric bundle I bought (after that hand quilting class) was a Liberty bundle from the Bloomsbury Collection. I liked the colors and most of the florals, and had no idea what a 'good' price for fabric was (it was a good price, I just didn't know Liberty tends to run a little more expensive than typical quilting cottons). Of course I had no project in mind, and then they found their way into the stash bin, never to be seen nor heard from again (much like every fabric bought without a purpose).

Two years later (ahem) and a few weeks ago it was my birthday, so I made sure to walk by my LQS on the way home, and lo and behold, their Liberty selection was lookin' mighty fine! And their prices were right! And it was my birthday! But I decided to pass. Did I WANT the fabric or did I NEED the fabric? I wanted it.Of course, the second I got home I realized the perfect project: TRIP AROUND THE WORLD IN LIBERTY FABRICS, and suddenly I 'NEEDED' the fabric!

Liberty Trip
10 Blocks Completed!

So, later that week I went back and got two fat quarter bundles (I did the math, you get more strips than with a skinny quarter, plus a little left over). Now I've got enough strips for 25 blocks cut out, and am in the process of sewing up the strip sets and making the blocks. Not sure how the final arrangement will look, but here's some of the blocks I've got so far. Best of all I've reduced my stash by 10 fat quarters...after purchasing an additional 10...hmm.

Liberty Trip
Playing around with my blocks. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

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  1. So so so beautiful! Any pattern would look great in these fabrics, but this is a particularly good one!

  2. Stunning! I think you made a nice choice of pattern for this quilt! I love love liberty fabric! You're lucky to have them!

    1. Thanks Jana. I'm just happy I figured out how to use them instead of hoarding them forever!


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