15 April 2014

Scant Quarter by Scant Quarter

I've realized that I need to work harder on my piecing accuracy. Initially I just quilted for myself, and figured, "hey, no quilting police, no need to force those scant quarter inches(!)". I figured if I was making all the blocks for a quilt and they were all off by the same amount who cares, it'll still fit together. This philosophy got me through my first two machine pieced quilts and several other projects. 

Now I'm in the Stash Bee, however, and to avoid shaming myself I have to ensure that my blocks are up to snuff! That means accurate seam allowances (among other things)! YIKES!

So, I joined in with 1/4" Mark's Pack Patch Mini QAL. It's pretty interesting. Besides practicing my accuracy Chase, who writes the blog, gives two prompts each week. This week were True Colors and Favorite Colors. 
True Colors
True Colors
I think the black and white in my true colors block represents me because I'm pragmatic and bold, just like black and white. The prints also speak to me, with the polka dots representing my whimsical side and the topography showing off my interest in the environment (it's what I study in PhD life). 
My Favorite Colors
Favorite Colors
I chose the Hand Drawn Garden fabric because it is one of my absolute favorites so I knew I had to use it. I'm also using it on the back of one of my WiPs in both colorways. I'm often drawn to bold, primary colors, and I think the bird print helps show that. 

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