12 May 2014

Family Ties

This week for the Patch Pack Mini QAL the themes were family oriented. Fitting, since Sunday was Mother's Day in the U.S.

The first block is supposed to depict the relationship between me and my mother.

Me and My Mom
Me and my mom. We're adorable. 

The color choice is supposed to fall within the same hue, so I chose red and pink for my prints. The red tomatoes reflect my early attempts at gardening (more like cultivation of weeds), and my mom's new found enjoyment of growing and harvesting her own food now that she's retired. The pink sewing patterns represent sewing (obviously), which is something that she did quite a bit of when we were younger. Often she would make us dresses/pants/fleeces. We'd go to a fabric store and pick out whatever patterns we wanted and she'd make them for us. That's probably what has influenced my more recent turn towards quilting, and she even gave me here old (OLD) machine.

The second block is me and the children in my life. Sounds a little creepy (considering I don't have any children), right? The color guidelines were just choose two prints from the scrap bucket.

Me and the children in my life
Kids love farms. 
I don't really have many kids in my life on a daily basis, but I do get to see my cousins and cousin's children at the holidays. I grew up on a farm in Massachusetts, and we had animals like sheep, cows, and chickens, which I tried to show in the smaller multi-animal print. It's got a few extras that we didn't have on the farm (hello kiwi? crab? giraffe?). We also have a llama to guard the sheep from coyotes. I thought the llama and the heart were a perfect addition to this 'farm' themed block, showing the love all the kids have for a visit to the farm. 

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  1. I love your pink and red block, it is adorable! And I really like that llama fabric. I just bought some, I couldn't resist their cuteness.


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