09 May 2014

Liberty Trip In Pieces

Two pieces to be exact...ha!

I finished putting together my liberty trip quilt top, although I will refrain from showing it in its entirety until I've got it quilted up. Here's a teaser shot:

After I finished the top I figured, "I've come this far...can't stop with the Liberty!" It also didn't hurt that my LQS (Brooklyn General Store) is having a May Day to Mother's Day sale, 30% off everything!

I decided what better back for a scrappy trip than one large scrappy trip block! My quilt is square, so I figured it'd be easy to enlarge the pattern. I also wanted some overhang on the back, between 2" and 3". Here are my super technical notes on what I needed to cut for the back. I only got 2/3 yd cuts of each fabric, figuring that I only needed 5 blocks from each, and crossing my fingers that the extra inch or two for good measure would be enough for my purposes.

It was! I pulled together a back that makes the front proud. I like the contrast of the smaller squares on the front allowing the liberty prints to play together, and the larger squares on the back letting the prints speak for themselves.

Here's a close up of some squares so you can ogle the fabric
detail. The back is all from the Liberty Stile Collection. 

Now I'm thinking this would make for a super quick and easy quilt top. This would be especially successful with some large print fabrics (Echino, I'm thinking of you!).

All you need is [5] for 5 x 5 layout, or [6] for 6 x 6 layout 2/3 yard cuts of fabric.

For a quilt top you would then cut that 2/3 yard into [5] or [6] 12.5" squares. Arrange in the typical Trip Around the World Block layout (as depicted below), and sew each row together, alternating seam directions as shown by the arrows. When you sew the rows together the seams should nest nicely, giving you beautiful corners. I would suggest pinning, because these larger cuts of fabric tend to move around a bit more than smaller pieced rows (for me anyway), and I'm a fan of neat intersections.

Super easy quilt top (or back as in this case!)

I finished with the cutting and sewing in one morning. And I'm not even that quick. Pretty satisfying. And leaving me plenty of time to get back to my 'real work' of groundwater modeling.

Here's the quilt back on the design wall,
giving a little perspective to the scale. 

Can't wait to get these guys basted together...hopefully later today...if I can find a space large enough and convince the dog that his idea of helping is my idea of hurting.

One last look at the top...I'm pretty happy with the way
these collections worked together (Stile and Bloomsbury). 
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  1. Oh! you're such a tease. I just finished a trip quilt too, so it's so fun to see how everyone else has put them together. anxious to see . . .

  2. fabulous back! thanks for sharing the how-to!

  3. Awesome idea for the back!! Gotta love those aha moments :) Nice tease for the front too ;)

  4. Really pretty! I am making a scrappy trip too, but of course you can't beat Liberty!

  5. Would never of thought to do the back like that. Pretty smart. Really lovely liberty prints. Cant wait to see (really see) the front.

  6. stopping by from the hop emails...love the liberty top. is the quilting cotton collection pretty soft in texture? i love the lawns by liberty and would love to get their cottons next time they have a collection come out (as the older ones are a bit hard to find now!)

  7. What a fabulous idea to make a big trip block for the backing! Love that top. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

  8. I love how you incorporated the block design to the back. Perfect! I love all of the liberty prints you chose. I would just stare at them all day and not get anything done :)


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