26 May 2014

Group Shot!

This week the Patch Pack Mini QAL is on Hiatus, so I thought I'd show a group shot.

I'm liking how they look together, even though I don't think about cohesion when I pick the scraps for each block. I do have a fairly high tolerance for scrappiness, though, so maybe it's just me.

All 12 pack patch mini blocks.

How did I choose the fabric? From the top left, moving across like reading a book, the blocks are:

  • Decade I wish I was born (1930s)
  • April showers
  • Favorite colors
  • Classic movie in solids (inspired by Disney logo)
  • Me and the children in my life
  • May flowers
  • My sewing room (and bike storage!)
  • Tv show (inspired by crime dramas and zombies)
  • Me and my mom (sewing and gardening)
  • The colors that represent me
  • The Laundromat
  • The decade I was born (1980s) 


  1. Such fun fabrics - they look great together!

  2. I really like how they look together. It's really fun to look at each theme and see how you translated it to the block.

  3. Love your blocks... Have week 6 to sew... And hmmm...it's raining today...so maybe I will enter the stairs to my sewing room today...:0)))


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